Pastor Marvin Rose

Marvin Rose

Senior Pastor
Pastor Marvin has been serving as our Senior Pastor since January 2, 1994, and is now in his 30th year with us. He and his wife, Melinda, have been married for 37 years. Prior to joining our church, he served as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Saluda, North Carolina, and as Minister of Music/Youth at Highland Baptist Church in Metairie, Louisiana. He also served as Associate Pastor/Student Minister at Cedar Bluff Baptist Church in Atkins, Virginia.

Pastor Marvin holds a Master of Divinity degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he was also honored with a seat on the Board of Trustees for 10 years. His dedication to spreading the gospel and his deep empathy for his congregation have earned him the respect and admiration of his community.

Pastor Marvin is committed to inspiring his congregation to fall in love with Jesus and live committed lives following His teachings. He delivers expository sermons that are both inspiring and encouraging, helping his listeners to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. With a heart for his community, he and his wife Melinda have raised three adult children and are proud grandparents to two grandchildren. Their daughter Hanna is married to pastor Matt Rose of Buckeye, Arizona, and they have two children, Lukas and Mikah Rose. Their daughter Sarah Joy is married to Brandon McClain of Baytown, Texas, and their son Timothy Rose is married to Julia Annalise Brandenburg Rose of Dallas, Texas.


Sara Joy McClain

Sarah Joy McClain

Worship Leader
Sarah Joy McClain joined our church as Worship Leader in May 2020. She holds a degree in Music from East Texas Baptist University and has teaching experience at Baytown Christian Academy and Lamar Elementary School. As a passionate educator, Sarah is dedicated to inspiring young minds and facilitating authentic worship experiences that bring people closer to Jesus.
Maria Walden

Maria Walden

Ministry Assistant
Maria is dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus and His church with a warm and welcoming spirit. As our Ministry Assistant and talented Vocalist (Soprano) on our Worship Team, she greets all visitors with a smile and joyful demeanor.
Gino Cortez

Emily Starett

Custodial Director
Emily enjoys serving the Lord through "keeping the house of the Lord clean!" She became our Custodial Director in July, 2023. Emily brings a dynamic personality which radiates her love for Jesus. She also loves working with the children's ministry.


The Deacon Ministry at Baker Road Baptist Church consists of
a body of "called men" who have a heart to serve alongside the pastor
in meeting the spiritual needs of the Body of Christ.
Nathan Shell

Harry (Alan) Barber

Chairman of the Deacons
Alan, has been a member of BRBC for 18 years and has served as a dedicated church staff member for 8 years as Youth Minister, Associate Pastor, and Evangelist. He is passionate about sharing the Bible and serves as our Chairman of Deacons
Layne Ramsey

Gilbert (Gil) Johnston

Vice-Chair / Secretary
Gil, a Baker Road Baptist Church member for 34 years, is committed to serving the church community with his wife Vivian. As a deacon, he assists the pastor in helping the congregation.

Nathan Shell

Nathan was saved as a youth at Baker Road Baptist Church. He is passionate about Kingdom Service! He also serves as Guitarist and Vocalist on the worship team.
gil johnston

Layne Ramsey

Layne has been an active member of Baker Road Baptist Church for 45 years, serving Jesus Christ and the church community alongside his wife, Beverly


Baker Road Baptist Church seeks to provide a safe environment where children can learn about God's great love and parents can feel comfortable knowing that there precious little ones are in a caring, equipped, and SAFE environment.
Viola Johnson

Viola Johnson

Child Care Director
Viola is a dedicated servant at Baker Road Baptist Church, actively serving in the student ministry and leading the Child Care ministry with passion and dedication. She embodies the core values of Faith, Safety, and Professionalism, upholding these principles with excellence.
kaitlyn walters

Kaitlyn Walters

Extended Sessions Coordinator
Kaitlyn has a long history with our church, having been saved and baptized as a youth. As an adult, she is a devoted wife and Mother who is deeply committed to providing a nurturing environment for children to grow in their faith. As Extended Sessions Coordinator, she ensures that our youngest members are lovingly cared for during special events.

Melinda Rose

Child Care Coordinator
Melinda has extensive experience in Ministry, including serving as a missionary in Johannesburg, South Africa, and as a pastor's wife for 38 years. She is an instructor at Lee College in Baytown and is passionate about sharing Jesus with others. As Child Care Coordinator, she ensures that all special events at B.R.B.C. are equipped with well-trained, safe, and efficient child care workers.


Gary Walding

Gary Walding

Audio/Sound Tech
Gary and his wife, Donna, are a blessing to our church family. Gary serves in the Audio Department, ensuring that worship and preaching are clear and concise for an optimal audio experience.

Brandon McClain

Audio/Sound Tech
Brandon finds joy in the Christian fellowship and fun at Baker Road Baptist Church. His goal is to ensure that worship and audio are seamlessly mixed, enhancing your worship experience.
daniel banta

Daniel Banta

Audio/Sound Tech
Daniel, our youngest Audio/Sound Team member, has an interest for music and is honing his guitar skills. He strives to create a fun and uplifting worship experience that celebrates Jesus. Daniel is also a devoted fan of Johnny Cash.
kathy pastore

Kathy Pastore

Media Tech
Kathy's creative and servant-hearted personality shines through in her work on the Media Team. Her passion for sharing the Gospel is contagious, and her love for Jesus is evident in everything she does.
margit peaches williams

Margit (Peaches) Williams

Media Tech
Peaches has a captivating personality that draws people to Jesus Christ. She serves Christ through the Media Ministry and creates a rich, creative, and inspiring worship experience at B.R.B.C.

Harry (Alan) Barber

Media & Lighting Tech
Alan has served Baker Road Baptist Church in various roles, including Youth Minister, Associate Pastor, and Media Tech. Hailing from Weatherford, Oklahoma, Alan uses his artistic gift to create powerful "Chalk Talks" for evangelism. As the longest-serving member of the support staff, Alan is proficient in all areas of media technology.


steven arthur

Steven Arthur

Bus Ministry Director
Steven's infectious enthusiasm prompts onlookers to wonder, "What fuels his joy?" His answer? "Jesus!" As an IT specialist at N.A.S.A. and a co-teacher of the youth bible study class, Steven brings his technical expertise and passion for faith to his role as Bus Ministry Director, ensuring that everyone can attend church with ease.