Serving Others

You are vital in turning people's lives around and compelling them to follow and live for Jesus in Baytown. This goes for everyone around the world. Volunteering allows you to use the amazing gifts God has given you, which should also be used to help others. The rewards in this lifetime are immeasurable and will help you meet new people and make friends throughout the Church!

As Christians, the joy we feel from knowing that Jesus sacrificed to pay for something we can't pay compels us to help others. Our salvation is not through works; our salvation drives us to do works for the sake of goodness and pass it on to others.

It will also enrich your experience and give you a sense of "My Church." We want this Church to make Baker Road Baptist family members feel like their home.

You can serve in many ways if you use your time and gifts to win people to Jesus. Contact us, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to locate your service point.

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